Checklist of Services Your IT Company Should Be Providing | NuMSP

Checklist of Services Your IT Company Should Be Providing | NuMSP

Checklist of Services Your IT Company Should Be Providing

Technology has advanced to the point that maintaining a sufficient IT staff is more of an expense than small and medium businesses (SMBs) can absorb, and yet multifaceted IT help is a necessity. Thankfully, managed service providers (MSPs) are affordable which makes it possible for SMBs to remain competitive. The IT infrastructure, many of the tasks previously managed by on-site IT staff, and many other crucial matters are now taken care of by your MSP — or are they?

When you hire an MSP, what you should get for your money is a technology team that not only keeps you on the right track but provides needed protections and helps ensure you are ready to transition upon the arrival of up-and-coming technological advances.

The following is a checklist of services your MSP should be providing:

    1. Provide proactive IT services so that issues are caught and resolved before any major problems occur. Downtime should be drastically reduced if not virtually eliminated.
    2. Implement effective security solutions and establish needed protocols to protect your IT network and all devices from cybercriminals attempting to hack or infect the system or take it hostage.


    1. Provide strategic advice from a dedicated and local partner success manager regarding any recommended changes or methods for tackling IT challenges.
    2. Perform data backups and test the backups so that there is no question about your ability to recover all data.
    3. Monitor and maintain your entire IT infrastructure remotely. This includes remaining alert to any problematic issues that may arise, applying patches, and keeping software applications updated.


    1. 24×7 IT support by trained technicians who resolve 90% of issues on your first help desk call. Providing a quick and easy way for all your employees to resolve daily technology issues – minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.


  1. Train your personnel on cybersecurity awareness and Internet safety so that they understand their role in sidetracking cyber-attacks and keeping the network secure from hackers.
  2. Take steps required to ensure that your network always runs the latest and most up-to-date software and, as needed, hardware.

If you’re not receiving all the IT services listed above from your current IT provider, it’s time to find a new one.

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