Private Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Solutions

The world over, across business verticals, and IT organizations consider cloud computing as one of the game changers. Organizations across the globe have started shifting to the cloud, or are planning to move to the cloud sooner or later. The current trend shows that Cloud adoption has taken epidemic proportions.

A few years back, the �cloud� usually meant the public cloud scenario wherein software is delivered to the users as services over the internet. Today, there are also private (on-premise) and hybrid (combination of public and private) clouds.

Unlike the public cloud solutions, private cloud is specially designed for the needs and goals of a single organization. It offers similar benefits as that of public cloud, including scalability and self-service.

The private cloud solution is best suited for companies with dynamic or variable computing needs that require direct control over their environments, typically to meet security or regulatory compliance requirements.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

In a public cloud solution, an autonomous third-party provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, controls and manages the computing resources. Users of public cloud solution share those resources.

In case of the private cloud, it is created and owned by an individual organization for their internal use. It might be based on resources and infrastructure that are already present in an organization's on-premises data center or on new, separate infrastructure. In both cases, the organization itself owns and operates the private cloud.

The decision to design or to purchase a private cloud, use a public cloud is based on various factors. Organizations consider things such as the regulatory issues they may need to comply with, required service levels, usage patterns for the workloads before choosing one.

Advantages of Private Cloud Solutions

Greater Control — Since the hardware is on-site in case of private cloud, organizations can have more control over their data.

Enhanced Security — Since private cloud services are dedicated to a single organization, the hardware, data storage, and the network can be devised to ensure high levels of security.

Higher Performance — The private cloud is usually deployed inside the firewall on an organization's intranet. Hence the transfer rates are dramatically increased when compared to the public cloud which uses the internet to transfer data.

Greater Compliance — Since the hardware, storage and network configuration are dedicated to a single client in private cloud, compliance data is much easier to attain than the public cloud.

Highly Customizable — In the private cloud, hardware performance, network performance, and storage performance can be customized as per the need of the organization.

A private cloud service is suitable for organizations that need greater control of their business-critical data and applications. It is the most popular choice for highly regulated businesses such as financial institutions as they are more comfortable having their data hosted privately.

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