Why NuMSP is Important to My Cloud Email

My business needs extra attention when it comes to getting the best cloud services and best cloud storage options on the market today. As my business grew and expanded, the best cloud storage and cloud services enable my company to estimate my IT networks. Because my cloud email services make sure that my business will go on even if we're under a cyber attack.

Why NuMSP is the Best for My Cloud Email

My Cloud Email Benefits # 1: Onsite Backups Paired with Cloud Services Cloud Storage

After a data corruption or a hack, NuMSP installs a local network device in my premises which uploads to cloud services for faster data recovery. That's particular for its cloud storage part.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 2: User-friendly Apps to Assist Beginners

New technology can intimidate beginners. I was also intimidated at first. So, Comodo designed NuMSP cloud storage as a user-friendly tool for everyone. The apps that come along with the cloud services help proper application and avoid confusion in using the cloud storage.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 3: Full Flexibility in Backup Scheduling

In terms of data syncing between local storage and cloud storage, my NuMSP's cloud services allow to do some changes that fit my needs. During off-hours, I can assign times to sync data or periods where people use lesser network activity.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 4: Backup Customization Options

When I enrolled in NuMSP cloud services, I can set the degrees of backups from a full backup to stalled uploads. This allowed me to have control for better optimization of the bandwidth in case a full sync isn't possible.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 5: Powerful Encryption

This system gave me the ability to encrypt data entering and to recover from cloud services. This provides me a better protection from breaches and hacks. I can definitely relax knowing my data streaming from cloud services is extra-protected from cybercriminals.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 6: De-Duplication Features For Efficient Cloud Storage User

In order to remove redundant files, NuMSP's cloud services use de-duplication since cloud storage still has its limits. This feature supports greater efficiency in cloud services and management of cloud storage.

My Cloud Email Benefits # 7: Automated Backup and Recovery

NuMSP uses programs that can work in case operating systems are down so the networks can be propped shortly after an attack. These cloud services give a clear edge to NuMSP clients like me. That's what I consider in a managed services providers' package.

Try NuMSP to Strengthen Your Protection

In the MSP industry, NuMSP gave me the best cloud services package I could ever get.  Aside from its variety of cloud service apps from Comodo, NuMSP has a fair price point in the market. At some point, I tried looking for help by browsing $200 server maintenance and protection packages per month. But I found that NuMSP can do the same job for me at only $100 per month.

Visit the NuMSP website to know more about their services. See the various cloud services in their packages and you can get the best service on top of its already affordable pricing.