NuMSP's Top Protection for Cloud Email Hosting Services

Cloud email hosting services providers and MSPs who offer cloud services alike need to fortify their email security protections. Since 2014, cloud services have been ramping up due to the increase in adoption of the email line of cloud services. However, along with this rise is the emergence of newer and newer threats which employ social engineering and phishing. In the third quarter of 2016 alone, security experts captured 18 million new malware samples and their primary mode of delivery: cloud services email.

NuMSP is aware of the increase of malware and scams delivered through cloud services email and is outfitting its clients using cloud email hosting services with an array of protection tools. Comodo engineered the tools NuMSP is using to work and sync well with a cloud services environment. Let's take a look at each of these cloud services apps.

Cloud Email Hosting Services

NuMSP Has Cloud Email Hosting Services Covered Against Threats

Cloud email hosting services and cloud services, in general, need not fear the rise in strains of malware. Information security companies like Comodo and providers like NuMSP are busy working on solutions for cloud services companies. For cloud email hosting services, Comodo engineered three products to work in sync with the cloud services they offer. They are Comodo Antispam Gateway and Comodo Secure Email Certificates.

Comodo Antispam Gateway for Cloud Email Hosting Services

The Comodo Antispam Gateway is an advanced filtration tool for cloud email hosting services. It arrays several layers of protection for cloud services users through advanced filters, a containment sandbox, and a command console plus Comodo's Valkyrie and Comodo Antivirus.

Let's take a look at the advantages of this cloud services tool and what it can offer to cloud email hosting services:

1. A centralized management console that simplifies user and group mail management for managed IT services personnel.

Cloud services firms can profile their clients' users and give each user a different security level. Done this way, companies and their MSPs can protect the cloud services users by applying security features and restrictions on a case per case basis. Cloud services administrators will be able to shield the most vulnerable cloud services users' email security by doing so.

2. Comodo's unique containment technology used by most managed IT services firms.

Cloud services clients reap benefits from using Comodo Antispam Gateway because of the Valkyrie file verdict system. What happens is when an cloud services users from a client company receives an email, Comodo's containment technology will isolate any files, run it in a boxed environment, and let Valkyrie assess whether the file is a threat to email security and cybersecurity. The gateway locks up files with viruses and malware once Valkyrie sees threats while Comodo Antivirus cleans up the malicious applications from cloud services.

3. A sophisticated filtering system managed IT services firms and their clients will appreciate.

Email security filtering is a standard tool in a cloud services firm's arsenal. What differentiates Comodo Antispam from tools most MSP use is its layered approach to email security filtering. Emails go through several gateways and then they get scanned using the Comodo Antivirus and Valkyrie. This system is set up in a way that it intelligently learns and adapts to new spam techniques. The emails which come from sources the company or their cloud services provider trusts receives auto-whitelisting. Mail recognized as spam ends up in quarantine.

Comodo Secure Email Certificates for Cloud Email Hosting Services

Enterprise cloud email hosting services need to ensure their clients are using secure email certificates. Cloud services. on the corporate level, are vulnerable to social engineering, phishing, and identity theft. Hackers can fake and spoof a corporate email account to steal credentials. Using Comodo's free Secure Email Certificates prevents these by sealing emails in a digital signature and by encrypting them in 256-bit encryption. It's easy to install and works well with all the email clients so cloud services users can easily set the certificates up.

Enterprises, NuMSP and Comodo: Partners for Cloud Email Hosting Services

Hackers and malware programmers are inventing newer and newer ways to hack into cloud email hosting services and exploit cloud services apps. It's a great thing that there are companies like Comodo to create solutions and for MSPs like NuMSP to apply them on cloud services servers. Companies using cloud services and cloud email hosting services can contribute by educating their employees on good email security habits. Through good innovative solutions that Comodo provides, the tactical application of these solutions, and good security habits from companies, email security becomes more iron-clad and cloud services become increasingly a factor for business growth than a security vulnerability.

If you want to try NuMSP's unparalleled but cost-effective cloud services today, please get in touch with one of the representatives. We'll be glad to hear from you and chat about how we can serve the needs of your company. Aside from beefing up your email security, NuMSP will give you more advanced tools plus a high-touch service from our responsive and friendly cloud services tech team.