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Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022 | Managed IT

Adopting new and improved strategic technology trends is critical for businesses as well as software, data analytics, and IT support vendors to be aware of

For the most part, the world of technology has grown past its projection and then some. Within the past few years, Business Intelligence, data analytics, big data, machine learning, and automation, and cloud technology make up only a few areas of growth and innovation.

These relatively new technologies have undergone rapid evolution and improvement. Today, these technologies have become integral in many sectors and are utilized to optimize business performance and efficiency.

Manages service providers, technology and software vendors, and businesses all need to be aware of upcoming strategic technology trends for 2022 and beyond to not be taken off guard by the disruptions they cause.

This will equip them with the tools and technology they need to adapt to the changing technology trends. Some of these trends include the following:

Artificial Intelligence Security

Artificial Intelligence or AI in itself is a trend that disrupted the industry a few years ago. Today, the very technology is used to meet the challenges of other strategic technology trends, such as hyper-automation. AI-based security platforms are used to ensure network and infrastructure security to prevent machine learning and other important data.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has made significant changes in many industries, especially Fintech. The upcoming trends suggest that practical applications of blockchain will only employ relevant and useful aspects of blockchain technology to simplify integration with other technologies such as AI and IoT (Internet of Things).

Edge Computing

This is a reference to the process where MSPs and other technology providers keep digital traffic distributed between local sources to reduce latency. It also changes the way content and information is gathered, processed, and delivered across data sources.

Improved Traceability

With a surge in data-driven technologies and processes, there is a growing need for better traceability and transparency. Business intelligence solutions that use data analytics to track their performance need to secure their platforms to protect critical data that machine learning requires for carrying out business decisions.


Automation has already been causing disruptions in various industries for years. However, the future points towards hyper-automation, where AI and machine learning technologies are used to automate advanced tasks and KPIs. Businesses can use these technologies in conjunction with the BI platform and human control to streamline processes.

NuMSP provides small business IT support, which includes helping you prepare for adapting to emerging trends so you can sustain operational efficiency. Talk to one of our technology experts to determine how and if any of the abovementioned trends will likely impact your business. We can then further help you by providing managed IT services that sustain business performance.

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