What is an MSP and How Can An MSP Boost Your Business?

Several businesspersons inquire what is an MSP with an inkling of how a managed services provider can grow their enterprises. It is a business which other enterprises can source out the management of their IT network and cyber security to. By knowing what an MSP is you'll be able to take advantage of what these companies have to offer.

What is an MSP? Managed Services Providers and Networks

How Do MSP Operate?

To understand what is an MSP, one should see that not all companies have a dedicated IT team. Small to medium enterprises may not have the budget to steadily employ techs. The best solution to fill in this gap is to hire one. They get an MSP on a subscription basis or call an MSP to send out technicians when the company needs an equipment fixed.

This how this particular scenario applies to a small restaurant. They will probably have tablets for use in sync with a computer which tabulates customers' orders. The orders sync in their server and into their cash register. If you think about the size and scope of their network, it doesn't make sense to hire tech staff. However, an MSP can fill in their support needs by monitoring their server and sending a tech out when something needs fixing.

What is An MSP and How Does It Conduct Business

An MSP operates on two kinds of business models. First, there's the break/fix model. A client calls an MSP when they need onsite tech support. It then sends one of its techs to the client's site in order to make repairs. The MSP will charge the client the amount of billable hours the tech spent in troubleshooting the issue.

And there's the most common business model which is the subscription business model. A business pays an MSP a subscription fee to maintain their networks on a month to month basis. The company installs applications and monitors the condition of the client's network on a daily basis using remote tools and applications. The MSP also maintains cyber security. When something breaks, the MSP sends its techs out to fix the problem at no additional cost.

What Benefits Do Managed Service Provider Give?

An MSP provides a great array of benefits to its partner businesses. First, an MSP saves the business IT-related costs like equipment and software. Since an MSP functions as a de-facto tech support team, their clients do not have to hire full-time IT staff. An MSP also takes responsibility in maintaining an active pool of tech talent which lifts this burden off from their clients.


An MSP builds its service around IT maintenance and support and thus they build their operations at being efficient in that function. They keep to the strictest protocols and apply the latest innovations and best practices when it comes to information technology. An MSP protects its clients businesses and makes sure that the business can continue its operations in the event of a hack or a breach.This should give you an understanding of what is an MSP and how it works. Perhaps it's time you thought about getting the services of an MSP. Giving an MSP your business can help your business grow exponentially thanks to their guidance and tech savvy.

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