Founded in 1995, Info-Link Technologies has been a trusted name in information technology for 25 years, providing complete technical solutions for businesses throughout Knox, Licking, Franklin and the surrounding counties.

Our clients include everything from small startups to enterprise-level companies, and cover all verticals, from government, to education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and more.

We have built our business on deploying quality products and services, value-added solutions, and maintaining an outstanding industry reputation along with excellent customer service and satisfaction. Realizing that there is no higher compliment than that of a client referral, we are proud of the fact that nearly all of our growth has come from our clients’ word-of-mouth.

The tech and business worlds are constantly evolving, and yesterday’s solutions can’t always keep pace with today’s problems. At Info-Link Technologies we recognize the need our clients’ have for the most effective, cutting-edge solutions, tailored to their specific needs. We offer a knowledgeable, experienced, and highly-trained team of professionals to work with you as partners, while establishing the best solutions to your business’s challenges. If you have a specific project, like installing a new network, phone system, or upgrading your current computer system, our experienced technical staff can help you through every step of the process. If you’re looking to take your tech to the next level, increase employee productivity and satisfaction, or move away from a break/fix model or other IT support model that you’ve outgrown, Info-Link Technologies can help. From setup, service and maintaining local and wide area networks, to providing convenient on-site and carry-in service, we are there to provide the ultimate solution that makes sense for your business. We are your link to success.

Interested in getting started? We offer a free, on-site network assessment to evaluate your network health and security, and build a report so you can see areas that need improvement So, what are you waiting for? Let’s solve your toughest IT challenges together.