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NuTicket makes IT simple.
One mouse click for instant help.

24hr Help Desk

Instantly connect to IT support experts in seconds who can provide you the fix you needed. Our service has the industry’s fastest and greatest service level agreements and metrics. Keep your business operations moving agile and efficiently with NuTicket.

File Sync Issues

Keep your data seamlessly moving so that employees can continue to collaborate, share and access files during business hours. Whether you’re file paths, access controllers or connectivity has errors, we will have the solutions to get file transfers working asap.

Password Recovery

Unable to login? Your employees’ password may have expired or been locked due to one too many unsuccessful attempts. Our IT experts will remotely get you staff logged back in within minutes by reinstating or reseting their user password.

Updates & Patches

We ensure all critical and important areas of your information technologies are properly maintained, optimized and managed. If users are experiencing a missing update, they simply use the NuTicket app to get our technician to resolve the issue in minutes.

Email Recovery

Not all is always lost when it comes to deleting files on an email client. Our support team can help track the data missing for restoral. We recommend out Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure total business continuity within your organization.

Recover Lost Docs

Closing an application without saving has happened to us all once in our careers. Hours of work don’t have to be reproduced always, our technicans can investigate ~temporary saved versions of the document to recover lost work if its stored and accessible.


Why Choose Our Solutions

Outsourcing your IT department to the experts at NuMSP protects you from unexpected troubles and unreliable systems. We create innovative, yet effective solutions to help your business run smoothly.

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  • Highly Trained Technical Staff

    At a fraction of the cost to hire, train and manage your own internal IT staff.

  • Cross-Industry Expertise

    100+ Technicians and 225+ Certifications, we get the right expertise for your business needs.

  • Increase Your Performance

    Our proprietary methods give you the better tools, technology and best practices.

  • Dedicated IT Support

    Get answers when you need from remote support specialists and field technicians.

  • Reduce Operational Downtime

    IT experts ensureyour systems are running with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

  • Affordable Rates

    Manage your budget and cash flow without unexpected and expensive surprises.

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