3 Benefits Why NuMSP Should Be Your Managed IT Services Provider

The right managed IT services provider isn't just the company which fills in your technical support needs. They should go beyond the scope of managed IT services and become a guide and partner for your company. This firm should understand how managed IT services plays a role in growing your business through technology.

One company can fulfill this role in comparison to other managed IT services providers and that's NuMSP.

Managed IT Service Provider

Why NuMSP Is The Top Pick Among Managed IT Services Companies

NuMSP builds its managed IT services business around three key unique value propositions. These three key advantages they offer clients make NuMSP a good choice among managed IT services companies:

1. NuMSP Provides the Lowest Price in Managed IT Services

Most managed IT services companies price their packages around $65 to manage one computer and $100 per server. The costs can be prohibitive if one thinks about subscribing to managed IT services for 1 year which is around $780. This price point may not be at the level that small to medium businesses can afford.

One of the best things about NuMSP is that it offers managed IT services at 1/6th the price of its competitors per computer and 50% off when it comes to managing servers. When you subscribe to NuMSP for managed IT services it will cost you only $10 per computer and only $100 for servers. Other managed IT services firms offer $200 per server but NuMSP provides the same protection for a lower recurring bill.

When you sign NuMSP as your managed IT services provider, you will be able to allocate more financial resources to other capital expenditures. This will allow more room for your company to explore allocating the budget to revenue generating activities. With this price point alone, NuMSP commits to serving as a managed IT services partner to small to medium enterprises. They can focus on growing their day-to-day operations and just get NuMSP to maintain their tech.

2. NuMSP Gives High-Touch Managed IT Services Tailor-Made For Its Clients

Some managed IT services firms make their clients adjust to the packages they offer instead of the other way around. It's a common practice among managed IT services companies to standardize their operations because they service more than one client. But a uniform approach to managed IT services will not suit all clients because each company shapes their IT according to their unique needs.

NuMSP distinguishes itself from its peers in the managed IT services industry by shaping the packages they offer based on the system environments of their clients. Managed IT services techs from NuMSP can work with any operating system whether it be Linux, Windows, or Mac. NuMSP offers the Comodo Security Suite but will install only what the client needs or prefers. Aside from these, NuMSP also works as a partner to its managed IT services clients by advising them on issues of cyber security and on matters of growing their IT infrastructure.

3. NuMSP Techs Provide Competent and Responsive Managed IT Services

The managed IT services techs from NuMSP don't keep their customers waiting. When customers call the NuMSP line for help with their managed IT services, they receive a callback from level 2 technicians within a 20 minute window. This is a service level commitment that NuMSP maintains for its managed services IT clients. Managed IT services customers don't wait on hold for 40 minutes just to talk to a level 1 tech, they get the best calling on their line as soon as possible.

Aside from the quick response, the managed IT services team also keeps a knowledge base for each client. This way the techs track each change in the client's network and they waste no time in learning the specs of the network. This makes each interaction with managed IT services clients efficient and in a way, intimate. We value each client we provide managed IT services to.

When your company needs high-touch managed IT services at a price point you can afford, please consider NuMSP as your managed IT services provider. Your company will receive the attention and the tailor-fit package it needs that's responsive to its network and system environment. Our managed IT services techs will also be on call and contact you should you need their attention. NuMSP provides you quality managed IT services while freeing up your financial resources. What can get better than that?

Please get in touch with an NuMSP representative today.