Why NuMSP's Email Cloud Services Security is Top-Notch

One of the key vulnerabilities in a network that cloud services providers need to cover is their clients' email cloud services. Unfortunately, the layer that makes cloud email services security penetrable are users. Since cloud services providers cannot directly control users, the risks they pose can be eliminated with better protection.

NuMSP, a cloud services firm, proactively tightens its cloud email services' security and makes it convenient for their customers and their customers' employees by using Comodo Dome Antispam enterprise antispam and threat prevention system. This is an ingenious solution by a cloud services provider to the problem posed by leaving cloud email services users alone to guard their cloud email services. NuMSP is using a sophisticated and automatic layer to do the heavy lifting in terms of email security for its cloud services clients through CDome.

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Three Key Security Benefits of Comodo Dome Antispam for Email Cloud Services

Thanks to Comodo Dome Antispam, NuMSP's email cloud services users don't have to fend for themselves against increasing risks to their email cloud services. CDome Antispam works tight email security controls on the cloud services environment to prevent malware from installing. Here's how Comodo Dome Antispam does this for cloud services firms and their clients:

1. A central command console which helps cloud services providers to manage security by user profiles.

NuMSP and other cloud services firms can profile their clients' users and give each user a different security level in their cloud email services. Cloud email services users who are prone to security issues receive accounts with higher security settings and filters. This way cloud services providers can protect the employees by applying security features and restrictions on a case per case basis. The cloud services providers will be able to shield the most vulnerable users' cloud email services security by doing so.

2. Comodo's unique containment technology cages malware away from cloud email services accounts.

NuMSP and its cloud services clients receive the benefits of Comodo's Valkyrie file verdict system. What happens is when an employee from a cloud services client company receives an email in their cloud email services account, Comodo's containment technology will isolate any files, run it in a boxed environment, and let Valkyrie assess whether the file is a threat.

This measure is a boon to cloud services providers because of the growth of malware delivery through cloud email services. Cloud email services users are prone to emails injected with ransomware as incidents of infected messages rose from 92% to 97.25% in 2016 alone. A study conducted by security experts found 78% of cloud email services users are aware of the threat of unknown links to email security and yet they click them anyway.

3. A sophisticated filtering system email cloud services firms and their clients can rely on.

Email security filtering is a standard tool in an email cloud services account. What differentiates Comodo Dome Antispam from standard apps other cloud services companies use is its layered approach to email security filtering. Emails go through several gateways and then they get scanned by the Comodo Cloud Antivirus and Valkyrie. This email cloud services system is set up in a way that it intelligently learns and adapts to new spam techniques. The emails which come from sources the company or their cloud services providers trust receives auto whitelisting. Mail recognized as spam ends up in quarantine.

NuMSP and Comodo CDome Partners for Email Security

Through Cdome Antispam,NuMSP's cloud services clients and their employees no longer have to worry about their emails being infected with malware or are secretly phishing messages. Companies and their employees benefit from this level of cloud services security with increased confidence and productivity levels. Communications through emails become sources of clarity and direction instead of anxiety.

NuMSP and other email cloud services firms have a partner in Comodo thanks to Comodo Dome. In one year alone, the Comodo Dome Antispam system filtered 400 million emails, caught 340 million spam emails, and blocked 4 million email based malware. This is a level of commitment to security that other cloud services providers should aspire for.

Try NuMSP's unequaled but cost-effective cloud services packages now. In case you'd love to get more information about NuMSP's services, please call us so we can give you a better idea how we can integrate cloud services apps like email cloud services to your network. Aside from heightening your security, NuMSP will give you the high-touch service you've been looking for in a managed services provider.