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Learn the top 4 managed service providers for 2019 to choose the right set of MSP solution to deliver IT services and solutions to various business sectors

Top 4 Managed Service Providers for 2019

Top 4 Managed Service Providers for 2019

Not all companies have adequate and the required IT resources to get their IT-issues solved. It is certainly challenging and costs a lot more than money to maintain an updated in-house IT infrastructure. Therefore, Managed Service Providers (MSP) took its form to offer exclusive IT support to the client organizations from a remote location. The MSPs work on a pay as you go subscription model.


NUMSP is one among the top Managed Services Providers that offer IT and cyber Security Services. It has recently acquired Network Medics to offer improvised IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses nationwide in the US.

The advancement in technology and the multiplication of enormous threats have shown a steady exponential curve on the graph and given the limited in-house IT capabilities. Considering the inevitable need of consistent support, NuMSP has decided to deliver scalable and advanced IT solutions with the focus in serving the best of the IT solutions to SMB market nationwide.

Therefore, NuMSP is expanding its presence by building out a national MSP making its IT solution available across the nation through mergers and acquisitions. With a vision of creating a national managed service platform, NuMSP has therefore acquired the following

Salient IT – to support SMB customers in Sacramento, California

ThinkIT – to expand its IT support services to businesses in the New Orleans

Aperio IT – solutions to support SMB enterprise owners in the Sacramento, California

Network Medics – can extend the IT support options available to enterprise owners in the Minneapolis area

UTSI – to extend its IT support, solutions and services to Louisiana

Swift Systems – to support SMB customers in the areas of Frederick, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Info link Technologies – to enhance its IT business services at Central Ohio region.

The acquisitions would help NuMSP with MSPs would deliver an array of multiple high-quality technology options to the mid-level market customers to help them secure and manage their ever-changing IT needs with unmatched customer services.


This is one among the best MSPs in the industry that offers cutting edge solutions, competent and scalable IT Management Platform. It empowers the client organizations with datacentres security solutions, networking, workplace along with the demanding services and support either on-premise or over the cloud. It delivers an efficient portfolio of IT services and solutions which includes

  • Asset Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Commodity Sourcing
  • Data Centre
  • End User Computing and Mobility
  • Networking and Security
  • Software Licensing
  • General Data Protection Regulation


ITLAB offers enterprise Level technology and exceptional expert technical assistance to businesses in Manchester and London. It offers live 24/7 support with the help of technical experts to attend to and run through your issues. It offers the promising solutions that includes

  • IT Support that provides onsite and deskside support, Global service management and service desk options.
  • Managed cloud services that includes Cloud Viability Assessment and Cloud lab.
  • Cyber security services that include SOC and Incidence Response, Penetration Testing and Managed Assurance Service outsourcing.
  • Consultancy that includes Interim and Project Management, Digital and Technology Transformation, and Business and needs-based technology transformation Application.


This provides a scalable and responsive Managed IT Services, security solutions, and consultation to enable strong collaboration between the users and the technology. It assists clients in growing businesses with tailor-made solutions with unparalleled customer services.

The Managed IT Services include

  • Software Licensing and Management
  • Application Licensing and Management
  • IT process and procedures
  • Project Planning
  • Monitoring, updating the systems connected to the business network
  • Remote IT support
  • Monitoring of Network
  • Security support

Parachute benefits the business owners with the following

  • The latest, scalable, future-proof and updated technology systems
  • A tailor-made IT platform that can be customized to meet any industry specific software requirements
  • Responsive IT support
  • Definite IT security
  • Well defined IT Processes and Procedures.

While, it helps business owners have time to focus on work flow improvements, marketing aspects and other management-related activities.

To sum up, there are different types of MSP solutions available to deliver IT services and solutions to businesses across various sectors. However, choosing the right set of MSP solution is critical for any business to concentrate more on the business strategies and revenue-generating activities while the technology is taken care by the right MSP.

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